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JS-R (Jet Sheet-Regular) new
Price: Open 

Logo materials are exclusive for Digital Print & Cut Machine.(e.g.Roland SP-300V)
Allows you to make customised logos match with different needs quickly. Sold from 1 roll, and reasonably priced product.
  • Fabric-like texture unlike rubber materials.
  • Excellent adhesive property.
  • Excellent washing durability.
  • Dries quickly which improves productivity.
  • Enables to make badges on uneven parts and coarse-textured garments such as caps.
  • A Layout sheet would not be required where JS-R design is integrated into one piece.
  • Allows cross-stitch work.
  • Allows with blade cutting.

1 Roll = 50cm x 5M ( 19.69inch x 5.47yd)
Only white colour available

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