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Application sheet II

A releasable heat-resistant application sheet. After printing and cutting materials, peel off the design from materials with the use of Application SheetⅡ and press. It is heat-resistant, therefore the adhesive film will not transfer.
  • Strongly adhesive
  • Usable for full coloured materials and logo mark fabrics.
  • Able to peel while hot, therefore improves workability.
  • There are two types: roll-type and cut-type.
  • It is economical as it can be used repeatedly. (Please change the sheet to a new one when adhesive power is weakened there are colour stains)

Roll type 1
54cm (W) x 50M
Roll type 2
54cm (W) x 10M
Sheet Type
54cm (W) x 50cm

Support information
Not available

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