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Business Concepts Our company, "HOULAISHA" has been developing and providing heat seal fabric for logo and emblem making, known as “HARIRON” brand in the world. Through manufacturing products to support the creative business of logo making, we offers chance to expand expression of your brand and to improve the value of every garment products. As a leading company of this market, we provide the variety of skills and know-how, supported by patents and high technology. From heat bonding through to sublimation-transfer, HARIRON can assist you with all you require, including materials, machines and other tools.
Establishment August 9 ,1963
Head Office 3-27-8 Ishihara Sumida-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Capital 17,550,000 yen
Number of Employees 40 (as March 31, 2017)
Major Business Activities We manufacture and sale HARIRON heat seal fabric and other heat bonding goods for sportswear and other garments.
Major Products HARIRON heat seal fabric
(Colored heat seal fabric)

(Heat seal fabric for sublimation - “SUBLIX” series)
SUBLIX SATIN V2, CLOTH, FINE, MESH, BLADE (heat seal type / sticker type)
Head Office (Houlaisha Co.,Ltd.)
Tokyo, JAPAN

Osaka branch (JAPAN)
Osaka, JAPAN

Kita-Ibaraki Factory (JAPAN)
Kita-Ibaraki-city, Ibaraki, JAPAN

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