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Product information

 New Products Information
We released a knitted fabric type "Fine" for sublimation marking Sublix.

 New Products Information
We released SP-STR & SP-SSB for inkjet printer materials with high elasticity and SP-SSB also prevents sublimation.

 New Products Information
We released a rubber DX-ES made with aqueous environmentally friendly materials.

Materials HARIRON is exclusive for Heat Press and Heat Transfer. It boasts the wide variety specialised for each sport as well as the excellent durability.
For Pressing Our goods collection for pressing includes steady and reliable automatic press machines which are easy to use, as well as other related products.
For Cutting We provide all necessary goods for logo cutting including advanced laser cutters.
For Printing We have a wide-ranging collection of goods for cutting, including on-demand full-colour printers and the materials with texture like fabric or rubber.
Others There are more essential and useful tools for logo production.
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